Panj Pyaare Framed Print (18" x 12")

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The Panj Pyaare are 5 men who answered the call of Guru Gobind Singh during very dangerous times.

During a special assembly on Vaisakhi day in the midst of ongoing struggles with the oppressive Mughal government, the Guru stood up and said “The entire sangat (congregation) is very dear to me; but is there a devoted Sikh who will give his head to me here and now? A need has arisen at this moment which calls for a head.”

A hush fell over the assembly. One man stood up and followed the Guru into a tent. A couple minutes later, the Guru walked out with his sword drenched in blood. The Guru asked again, "is there a devoted Sikh who will give his head to me here and now?"

One by one, 4 more men followed the Guru into the tent and the Guru would walk out with a blood-drenched sword.

Eventually, all 5 men walked out hand in hand with the Guru in beautiful saffron robes and would go on to be the first baptized Sikhs, taking Amrit from the Guru himself.

The Guru was testing his subjects and only the bravest of the brave stood up to answer the Guru's calls. Adorn your wall with this daily lesson in courage humility. This Panj Pyaare framed print is sure to make a statement in any room. Chardi Kala!

• Looks beautiful on any wall
• 12" height, 18" width

• Black frame, .75" thick
• Hanging hardware included

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